About us

Pizza Consulting is a laboratory of ideas, knowledge and professionalism, a workshop where real artisans develop projects aimed at promoting the True Neapolitan Pizza in the word.

It is a company specialized in Pizzaiolo vocational training, professional counseling and support to entrepreneurs wishing to invest in the restaurant field focused only in the “Classic Neapolitan Pizza”.

Our long experience in the field  (over 20 years in the vocational training sector and over 30 years in the management of Pizzeria) allowed us to know and understand extensively the strengths of our Pizzerias, but also their weaknesses, and the problems of our students during their learning.

We are able to provide our customers with the following services:

  • Vocational training: professional courses, amateur courses, stage and master courses;
  • Consulting services: planning and development of business projects for opening of Pizzerias “Classic Neapolitan Pizza”;

We provide ad hoc solutions to suit all your needs, focusing also on existing enterprises, restaurants and pizzerias, which intend to extend or convert their offer to Neapolitan Pizza.

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