Our consulting is organized to provide a detailed knowledge about Classic Neapolitan Pizza and its added value compared to other types of pizzas offered. It gives a complete training on the product making cycle, as well as on the equipment organization for the proper implementation of the production structure.
If your goal is to invest in the authentic Classic Neapolitan Pizza and make your own pizzeria a dominant player in your city pizza market, we could help you with your project’s needs providing our consulting services including:
• training of the staff in Italy and abroad;
• assistance with purchase of specific equipment and products facilitating the encounter between the clients, the producers and the suppliers;
• development of the menu;
• support in the definition of procurement plans and the basic provisions qualitative and quantitative level;
• quality control of the production, with specific attention to the efficiency and quality standards;
• control of the pizzeria hygiene, the pizzeria equipment, the facilities for the preparation, storage and consumption of the ingredients for the production of pizzas;
• evaluation of the customer satisfaction and the adoption of possible adjustment to the operating plan;
• support during the opening of the pizzeria;
• support after the opening of the trained staff;
• the verification of the functionality and independence of the Neapolitan pizza production system.
The project will be customized from time to time according to the customer needs and the consultancy overall cost will vary depending on its length and the number of people to train in relation to the pizzeria dimensions that will be realized.

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