Training courses

Pizza Consulting offers a range of different courses to suit all needs: not just professionals but lovers of the gastronomic world, lovers of the restaurant field, wishing to start in the profession, and professional Pizzaiolo already working in this field, wishing to achieve a specialization in Classic Neapolitan Pizza.
The courses offered are the result of a twenty year experience, developed in the training field, by the Master Neapolitan pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia who, with his staff, has been training over the years hundreds of students coming from all over the world. Choose the solution that suits you best to know the secrets, not of a simple recipe, but of an authentic Art.

The course aims to introduce the secrets of the Classic Neapolitan Pizza and why it is superior to other pizza. It is aimed at all those people who are intrigued by the Neapolitan pizza, housewives, food lovers and all the people who want to go through a great new experience. It is a one week course (for a total of 20 hours) and runs from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm for providing the participants a basic knowledge..[…]

The Master Classic Pizza course is aimed exclusively at professional pizzaiolo already working in the field wishing to acquire the Neapolitan technique. The goal of the program is to highlight the differences between the Classical Neapolitan Pizza and other types of pizza, especially analyzing the differences between the doughs, the rising and the baking. […]

The course will last 100 hours, divided into 20 days and is aimed at people who have never worked as a pizzaiolo and want to learn the profession. The courses will be held by qualified instructors and trainers. […]

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